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Ioniq Electric Vehicle Coming This Fall


First Installment is All-Electric

When the Hyundai Ioniq debuts this fall at Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road, it will be in the form of an all-electric vehicle that reaches a healthy 110 miles on a full charge. The all-electric version of the Ioniq will be followed by a hybrid this winter, with the plug-in hybrid available next summer. Ever since the inception of electric-based vehicles, there has been a debate as to what type of power is the best. Hyundai has settled the debate by offering virtually the same car with all three electric power options. This is just the beginning for Hyundai, which promises to have a vehicle lineup by 2020 that includes two hydrogen models, two all-electric vehicles, six hybrid plug-ins and a whopping 12 different hybrid models. Compare the entire lineup at your Phoenix Hyundai dealer.

Quick Charge Gets You on the Road

Opt for the 28.0 kwH charging unit and you can bring the new electric Ioniq up to an 80 percent charge in about 20 minutes. A standard household charger is also available but charges more slowly. The electric Ioniq comes with a 43 horsepower alternating current motor that has plenty of low-end torque to get you going and keep you moving at highway speeds. The lithium ion polymer battery pack is located under the rear seats and delivers 1.6 kwH of power. You’ll notice little differences between the electric Ioniq and the two hybrid versions. For one, the electric version doesn’t have a gasoline motor that needs cooling, so there is no open area where the grille is normally located. The rear lights of the electric vehicle are also a little different, and there’s a hint of copper coloring on the outside and interior to “create the impression that electricity is flowing through the whole car’s interior,” according to a press release from Hyundai.

Hyundai Looks to Attract New Demographic

“Ioniq will attract an entirely new group of eco- and efficiency-oriented buyers in the U.S. market,” according to Mike O’Brien, Hyundai VP. “With outstanding powertrain flexibility, design, connectivity, and advanced technologies, Ioniq meets the needs of a large and growing group of buyers needing a highly efficient, low-emissions vehicle without compromise to their daily lifestyles.” The futuristic design of the Ioniq interior signals a transition from the old to the new, just as the powertrain options are marking a new era in fuel efficiency. The controls are all laid out with an eye for intuitive operation, enhancing the driving experience. Test drive the new Ioniq electric vehicle this fall when it hits the showroom at Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road.

Tucson Eco

Efficient Eco Still Provides Plenty of Pop

As you might expect, the 2016 Hyundai Tucson Eco delivers the greatest fuel economy in the entire Tucson lineup, but what may be a surprise to you is that it is also the most inexpensive way to get your hands on the peppy 1.6L turbocharged engine. When paired with the dual clutch 7-speed automatic, the Eco is rated at 33 mpg on the highway for the front wheel drive model and slightly less if you choose all-wheel drive. Because the Eco has fewer standard features than its siblings, it is lighter which translates into quicker times at the track. At 7.4 seconds, the Eco beats the other Tucson models by two-tenths of a second in the race to 60 mph. Feel the power of the Eco for yourself by visiting Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road.

A Little Money Buys a Lot

For about $1,450, you can upgrade from the base Tucson SE to the Eco. That not only gets you the turbocharged engine that increases your performance by about 10 horsepower, a power driver’s seat with lumbar support, LED running lights, illuminated mirrors and outside mirror turn signals. “Car and Driver” magazine editors evaluated the Eco and found a lot to like, including a spacious rear seat and a well-designed cargo space. The Tucson Eco “is well suited to the daily grind in any form, so we’ll continue to sing its praises,” the editors wrote.

Four Models Offer Wide Selection

Whether you choose the Eco, the SE, Sport or Limited trim package, the Hyundai Tucson offers a lot of value in a vehicle that’s adept at maneuvering through tight urban traffic or providing comfort on a long road trip. The SE, with a listed starting price of $22,700, comes with an automatic transmission, 5-inch touchscreen infotainment system, rearview camera, air conditioning and an adjustable steering wheel. The Sport model provides the turbocharged engine, 19-in sport wheels, hands free lift gate and proximity start. If luxury in an affordable package is more suited to your taste, chose the Limited. Along with a more upscale interior, it features heated front seats and a slew of sensor-supported driver assistance features.

Hyundai Warranty is Top-of-the-Line

All Tucson models come with the famous 5-year, 60,000 mile Hyundai Limited Warranty that includes roadside assistance. Hyundai’s also have a 7-year/100,000 mile Limited Powertrain Warranty, giving you the peace of mind of many years of driving before having to worry about major repair bills. See the entire Hyundai Tucson inventory when you take a short drive to Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road.


Performance and Efficiency Make Perfect Urban Commuter

If you’re looking for a vehicle that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, gets great gas mileage and still provides the performance you need when battling freeway traffic, consider the 2016 Hyundai Accent. Now available in sedan, hatchback and sport hatchback configurations, the Accent beats its competitors in horsepower, fuel efficiency and interior space. All Accents come equipped with a 1.6L, 137-horsepower engine that provides plenty of pep for passing or a day out on a winding road. At 38 mpg on the highway, the Accent beats competitors such as the Honda Fit. Its 21.2 cubic feet of cargo space is greater than either the Fit or Toyota Yaris. Head to Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road to take a test drive of the new Accent today.

Fluid Design Provides Sophisticated Look

Although the Accent is on the lower end of the automotive cost spectrum, you couldn’t tel by looking. The 2016 Hyundai Accent has a refined design with sculpted sides, an aerodynamic slant and features like alloy wheels and projector LED headlights that contribute to an overall feel of sport and sophistication. The design of the hatchback models flows all the way to the back, where a rear spoiler adds a little flair while contributing to the excellent gas mileage. The Accent hatchback cuts through the wind efficiently, delivering a smooth ride and superior efficiency. Even though the Accent is in the subcompact category, it has a longer wheelbase than either Yaris or Fit, giving you more room inside to stretch out.

Sport Hatchback Loaded With Standard Features

The Accent Sport Hatchback starts at $16,495, but comes packed to the gills with features that aren’t even options on competitor vehicles. Heated side mirrors, rear spoiler, rear wiper, LED projector headlights and fog lights are all part of the package. Move to the interior of the Sport and you’ll find power windows, power locks, steering wheel mounted audio and cruise control, Bluetooth streaming, leather-wrapped steering wheel and a killer stereo system with six speakers that also has inputs for an MP3 player.

Accent Engineered to Outperform Competition

From the Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing in the engine that improves torque to the aerodynamics that take drag to a minimum, the Hyundai Accent is engineered to provide the power and efficiency that people need in the modern age. Choose the automatic transmission and you get an active ECO system that governs the way the engine and transmission work together to get the best efficiency. Low rolling resistance tires and an alternator system that manages power delivery add to the high tech way the Accent gets the most out of every drive. Stop by Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road to see how the Accent fits into your transportation needs.

Santa Fe Sport Beats Down the Competition


Loads of Features Make Sporty SUV Popular

Whether it’s the hands-free liftgate, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection or spacious 71.5 cubic feet of cargo room, the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport offers a load of features to go along with its dynamic handling and great gas mileage. The cubic feet of volume is larger than the Honda CR-V, Nissan Murano and Dodge Journey. Lane departure warning, available on the Sport, isn’t even offered on the Murano or Journey. Braking with pedestrian detection is not available on either the Murano or Chevy Equinox. See all the great features that come with the Santa Fe Sport by taking a drive to Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road.

Smart Cruise Control Makes Long Road Trips Easy

If you’ve ever tried to use regular cruise control during a long road trip, you know there are inevitably times where the vehicle in front of causes you to turn the cruise off. It may happen so much that you just decide to forego the aggravation and turn cruise off for the entire trip. Smart Cruise Control, which is not available on the Equinox or Murano, uses sensors to measure the distance to the car in front of you. It will automatically slow down to keep a safe distance, and then resume speed when the time is right. In the case of a traffic jam, it will stop the vehicle and then start up again when traffic clears.

Headlights Follow the Road

Being out on a dark lonely highway is not particularly fun, especially when you can’t see around the next corner. The Santa Fe Sport has available Dynamic Bending Light, which is not available in the Equinox, Ford Edge or Journey. Dynamic Bending Light turns the headlights to follow the road, keeping you in the know about what’s around the next turn. Also not available on the Equinox or Journey is the hands-free liftgate that opens when it senses the proximity key is nearby. You have to be within three feet for three seconds, so there’s not much danger of the gate lifting when you don’t need it.

Biggest Feature is Hyundai Warranty

Perhaps the biggest feature that the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport has that competitors don’t is the 5-year, 60,000-mile warranty. While other manufacturers generally offer just 3 years and 36,000 miles, the Hyundai warranty ensures you can have peace of mind for many more miles down the road. See all the advantages to owning a Hyundai when you stop by Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road.

Paycation Means No Payments for 6 Months

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.46.12 AM

Hyundai Gives You Rest of Year Off From Payments

Qualified buyers can get into a new Hyundai Elantra or Sonata right now and receive 0.9 Annual Percentage Rate for up to 60 months plus no payments for the next six months. The Hyundai Paycation Sales Event is going on at Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road. Whether you choose an Elantra or Sonata that qualifies for the Paycation finance package or one of many other great promotions, you can get into a new car for as little as $169 a month. Hyundai is offering bonus cash of up to $3,000 to help take care of the down payment. Everything from the affordable Elantra to the luxurious Equus have a financing promotion that makes affording a new Hyundai easier than ever before.

Best Ever May Keeps Sales Booming

Spurred on by strong performance from the Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) line, Hyundai had its best May ever last month, selling 71,006 vehicles in the United States alone. “Our refreshed CUV lineup continues to exhibit strength in this market,” according to Hyundai North America VP Derric Hatami. Tucson, the smallest CUV Hyundai offers, almost doubled its sales over May of 2015. The Santa Fe is 123 percent over May of 2015, while the Santa Fe Sport saw an increase of 74 percent above the previous May sales. Hyundai’s finance promotions are expected to keep sales on a record pace for the calendar year.

BoostUp Helps Save For Down Payment

Hyundai has teamed up with to allow consumers to save money specifically for a down payment on a new Hyundai. Putting its money where its mouth is, Hyundai will match the first $500 you save towards a down payment, effectively doubling your money. When you’re ready to purchase your new Hyundai, simply go to the website, create your certificate and bring it to Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road, your Phoenix Hyundai dealership. It’s like layaway for a new car where the store also chips in for your purchase! What could be easier? This offer runs through January 2017 and you must take delivery from dealer stock.

Other Programs Make Buying Easy

Hyundai wants to make owning a new vehicle as painless as possible, which is why the company has several standing programs to help with down payments. The Valued Owner Coupon, College Grad Program, and Military Program all offer cash incentives based on eligibility. College grads within the last two years get $400 towards a purchase or lease. The Military Program gives both active duty and veterans an additional $500 off eligible vehicles.

Veloster Coolest Car Under $18K


Style and Affordability Combine in One Package

Consumer advocate Kelley Blue Book picked the three-door Hyundai Veloster as one of the coolest vehicles you can buy under $18,000. With a unique and sporty design combined with an off-the-charts fun factor, the Veloster is a great car for young drivers with a small budget. “With one door on the driver’s side and two doors on the other side, the Veloster is among the most uniquely configured cars on the road,” according to editorial director Jack R. Nerad. “But what makes the Veloster so compelling is that it mixes that standout style with surprising practicality and affordability.” Sales of the Veloster at Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road have been brisk. The little sportster experienced a 69 percent increase in April over the previous year’s sales nationwide.

Veloster Comes in Four Trim Levels

Although the base Veloster provides plenty of thrills with a 132 horsepower engine and standard 6-speed manual transmission, there are three other trim levels from which to choose. The Turbo R-Spec has a twin-turbo 201 horsepower engine, 18-inch alloy wheels and a speed shifter that helps you quickly power through the gears. The Rally Edition and plain Turbo models come with the same 1.6L 4-cylinder engine. The regular Turbo has the option of a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

The Third Door is the Charm

Test your friends to see if they can find the stealthy third door, hidden behind the passenger door. Along with a 7-inch touchscreen, rearview camera and plenty of connections for your electronic devices, the Veloster is one of the safest compact cars on the road. Four-wheel disc brakes, a vehicle stability management system and six airbags helped it earn a five-star safety rating. A traction control system works in concert with electronic stability control to help keep you on the road and moving forward in even the worst conditions.

Coolest Car Comes With Best Warranty

When you buy a Hyundai Veloster from Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road, you get the peace of mind of the industry’s best new car warranty. A 5-year/60,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty eclipses the guarantee of 36 months given by most car companies. Unlimited roadside assistance that covers towing, battery jumps and flat tire changes and a 100,000-mile powertrain warranty are also the best in the business. Visit Chapman Hyundai today and see why the Veloster is a popular choice among Millennials and sports car lovers everywhere.

Elantra Eco Trim Package Earns 35 MPG

2017 Elantra Eco

New Engine Mates With Dual Shift Transmission

A brand new 1.4L Kappa GDI turbo 4-cylinder engine works with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission to provide 128 horsepower and a hybrid-worthy 40 mpg on the highway in the Hyundai Elantra Eco trim package. The car also gets 32 mpg in the city for a combined rating of 35 mpg. “Now entering its sixth generation, the Elantra model has always been synonymous with value in the highly competitive compact car segment,” according to Hyundai project planning manager Mike Evanoff. “With the new Elantra we not only focused key development objectives on performance, ride quality and efficiency, but committed ourselves to delivering a compelling value proposition at all price points. The Eco is an all-new trim for Elantar that offers consumers enhanced fuel efficiency.” The new Eco Trim will be coming to Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road sometime early this summer.

Eco Look Set Apart With Badging

Although it has the same basic design as other Elantra models, the Eco Trim package is identifiable by unique “Eco” badging and special 15-inch wheels. LED running lights and door handle illumination also provide a unique look. Tired of fumbling for keys with your hands full of groceries? Just approach the Hyundai Elantra Eco with your key fob in your pocket and the trunk lid will automatically pop open after three beeps. The interior of the Eco model is laid out both thoughtfully and ergonomically, putting all controls within a finger’s reach of the driver. Enjoy an infotainment system with a 7.0-inch touchscreen and rearview camera that utilizes both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to synch up with your smartphone. Premium features like heated seats, push button start and dual automatic climate control are also available.

Efficient Elantra Packed With Safety Features

Although gas mileage is important, it’s not as critical as delivering everyone to the appointed destination in one piece. A seven airbag system protects your occupants in the event of a crash, but a rigid chassis and host of driver assistance features are also critical to the expected top safety rating of this popular model. The Hyundai Elantra Eco Trim model offers blind spot detection, rear cross-traffic awareness and lane assist, utilizing sensors to help you see and avoid potential obstacles. Check in with the pros at Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road to see when this latest model is due to arrive on the showroom floor.


Great Gas Mileage Combines With Outstanding Horsepower

Test drive the new Hyundai Azera at Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road and you’ll be stepping into a beautifully designed full size sedan that delivers both on the road and at the pumps. A 3.3L V6 engine is tuned to deliver 293 horsepower while still earning 29 mpg out on the highway. Add in the best-in-class interior room, a quiet cabin and plenty of creature comforts to create a car you’ll be proud to show off to friends and neighbors. A smooth-shifting 6-speed transmission runs seamlessly through the gears while providing plenty of power on the open road.

Fluidic Sculpture Design Philosophy Wins Admirers

Hyundai is a firm believer in a fluidic sculpture design philosophy that creates a feeling of movement even when a car is standing still. The new Hyundai Azera adheres soundly to that principle, with a sculpted body that is not only beautiful, but also sleek and energetic. LED accent lights surround available Xenon headlights to not only illuminate the road at night, but also announce your presence to other drivers who might not be paying close attention. LED taillights provide an energy-conscious solution to keep the Azera as efficient as possible while still delivering plenty of style. If letting the outside in appeals to you, opt for the panoramic tilt and slide sunroof that delivers stunning views. The sunroof not only puts you close to the environment, but also creates a more serene driving experience. Chrome tipped dual exhausts add a solid exclamation mark to the design while also contributing to the overall vehicle efficiency.

Spacious Interior Offers Room to Stretch

If you’ve ever folded yourself into a back seat for a long drive, you know how nice it is to be able to stretch your legs. The Hyundai Azera has the most room in its class, meaning five adults can pile in for a drive from Phoenix to Las Vegas and still be friends once they arrive. Leather seating, an 8-inch touchscreen with navigation and options like heated seats, 12-way driver power seat and integrated seat memory system all add to the comfort level. The infotainment system keeps you safely connected to the outside with Bluetooth and smartphone streaming. A 550 watt Infinity Logic stereo delivers concert quality sound in the cozy confines of the cabin. Power rear sunshades are a nice option to have in the Arizona summer, as are the standard second row air vents.

Premium Performance at an Affordable Price

Although it’s a premium vehicle, the Azera starts in the mid $30,000 range, thousands less than competitors. Hyundai doesn’t skip on performance, providing a technologically advanced engine that utilizes gasoline direct injection and dual continuously variable valve timing. Power is nice, but it doesn’t mean much if you find yourself losing control. When you test drive the Azera at Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road, pay particular attention to the handling. Selective damping shock absorbers keep you in charge as you put the vehicle through its paces around tight corners.

Veloster, Elantra Earn Best Value Honors

2016 Elantra

Vincentric Specializes in Cost of Ownership

Vincentric, an automotive research company that specializes in the overall cost of car ownership to the consumer, has picked the 2016 Hyundai Veloster and Elantra as the “Best Value” in America. It’s the fourth consecutive year the Veloster has earned the honor and the second time for the Elantra. “As a four-time winner of the Vincentric award, the Veloster has a strong history of performing well in our awards analysis, delivering a low cost-of-ownership package that helps provide high value to consumers,” according to Vincentric president David Wurster. “The Elantra similarly delivers class-leading value, is fuel efficient and inexpensive to maintain, offering drivers exceptional value for the money.” Test drive the Elantra and Veloster at Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road.

Measures Eight Different Cost Points

The Vincentric awards take eight different costs of ownership into account, including financing, repairs, taxes, depreciation, insurance, fuel, maintenance and opportunity cost. The awards are given to vehicles that have a lower than average cost of ownership when compared to competition. “Receiving this award is testament to Elantra and Veloster delivering on Hyundai’s promise of safety, technology, style and value,” said Hyundai VP Mike O’Brien. “With the introduction of our all-new 2017 Elantra, we hope to continue the vehicle’s momentum as one of our best-selling nameplates and confirm Elantra as the leader in the compact car category.”

2017 Elantra Boasts Aerodynamic Design

Head over to Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road and you can see why the newly redesigned Hyundai Elantra is continuing to impress both consumers and critics. With a bold, aerodynamic design and a full spectrum of safety features, the affordable Elantra presents an attractive choice for consumers on a budget. Modern interiors made with upscale materials and technology make the Elantra a popular choice for people who want a little luxury and convenience without breaking the bank. With a starting price of $17,150, the new Elantra is $100 less than last year’s model.

Veloster Delivers Sports Car Notes on Budget

The sporty Veloster coupe continues to appeal to people looking for a fun driving experience on a budget. With both regular and turbo models, the Veloster powertrain delivers plenty of performance by utilizing direct fuel injection. Class-leading fuel efficiency is appealing to anyone who likes bypassing the pumps while still exercising a few wild oats. Both the Elantra and Veloster have the same industry-leading warranty as all Hyundais, which delivers 5-year or 60,000 mile bumper-to-bumper coverage along with a 10-year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty.

New Veloster Loaded With Street Cred

2016 Veloster Rally Edition

Based upon the popular Turbo R-Spec, the new Hyundai Veloster Rally edition adds important connectivity, design and dynamic features to create a sports car with supreme sports suspension, lightweight wheels and unique badging to attract the street racing enthusiast. The new Rally Edition is in limited supply, with only 1,200 production units planned. Check in with the experts at Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road for the possibility of taking a new Rally Edition Veloster for a test drive.

Higher Performance Suspension Straightens Out Corners

You’ll be able to attack tight corners with enthusiasm in the new Veloster Rally Edition, which features a fine-tuned setup of springs, dampers and a front stabilizer bar for precise handling. Special RAYS 17-inch alloy wheels cut the weight by five pounds each, creating a dynamic response along with an aggressive sport appearance. The Rally Edition is only available in Matte Blue with a black leather interior. It comes with a short-throw racing shifter with six-speed manual transmission. Special badging and embroidered floor mats help set this special Veloster apart from the pack.

Veloster Utilizes Small Engine for Big Impact

The Hyundai Gamma 1.6-liter engine powers all the various Veloster models, utilizing direct injection to deliver superior power and efficiency while creating low emissions. The engine produces 120 horsepower at 6,300 revolutions per minute with a maximum torque of 120 pound feet. Dual continuous variable valve timing and an electronic throttle control help get the most production possible out of this powerful little motor. The engine is paired with either a six-speed standard manual transmission or a six-speed dual clutch transmission. The dual clutch transmission combines all the benefits of a manual transmission and combines them with the ease of driving an automatic. The result is a seamless shifting experience that powers you through the gears with perfect timing.

Veloster Loaded With Safety Features

All models of the Hyundai Veloster come with a high level of standard safety features, including a rearview camera, vehicle stability management, electronic stability control and six airbags. An industry-leading braking system includes disc brakes on all four wheels with anti-lock brakes and a braking assist system that provides help when a panic stop is detected. Electronic brake-force distribution automatically varies the braking force to help you maintain control of the vehicle.

Connectivity Key Part of Veloster Features

Every Veloster comes with a standard touchscreen display to control all your audio, communication and navigation needs. A Bluetooth phone system provides hands-free connectivity for calls and messaging. See all the features of the new Veloster by taking a trip to Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road.