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 Car technology and privacy—what does your car know about you?

It is inevitable. As more technology slowly invades the automobile, technologies like GPS, speed sensors, and other gadgets will be able to record where you go and how you drive to get there. To find the latest in automotive technology, visit Chapman Hyundai.

Already, most cars since 1999 have a “black box” of sorts installed that works much as a flight data recorder does for an airplane. Law enforcement officers in the event of an accident or other mishap can access this information. Now, though, new government regulations are forcing automakers to install these devices in all new cars after September 2014.

Yet, with wireless technology moving at an alarmingly fast rate—just think of your cellphone—it shouldn’t be much longer before that data can be collected, stored, transferred, and analyzed in a moments notice.

Drivers can barely make a right turn, put on, or leave off, their seatbelts, or break the speed limit without their actions somehow being tracked and recorded.

Essentially, if you own a moderately new vehicle, your car knows just about everything you wouldn’t want anyone else knowing. With sensors, trackers, and cameras, it is likely that it does, or soon will, know if you eat and drive, how often you look down to change your radio station, if you are texting or on a phone call, and other activities we would best like to go unnoticed.

Google announced it is collaborating with GM, Audi, Honda, and Hyundai to bring its Android platform to vehicle infotainment systems by the end of this year. Ford Vice President Marketing and Communications Jim Farley told a Vegas crowd at CES 2014, “We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you’re doing it. We have GPS in your car, so we know what you’re doing,”

As technology and cars continue to verge, privacy concerns will continue to be raised on how information about drivers is used by law enforcement officers and insurance companies.

We can only hope that these new tracking and recording devices be used for noble causes like traffic reduction, engineering better, safer cars, and crash reconstruction, yet there is a history of abuse both by the government and private corporations with vital, personal information. For more, visit your Phoenix Hyundai dealership.