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There’s nothing more exciting than a model redesign, and the 2015 Hyundai Genesis is no exception. From a sleeker, sexier design to a manual rear-window privacy sunscreen to an auto-open trunk, this Genesis is poised to be a segment buster in the mid-sized sedan category. And customers at Chapman’s  Phoenix Hyundai dealership can see it live and in-person on March 13, 2014.

“The 2015 Genesis has a bold, distinctive look,” Chapman Hyundai  New/Used Sales Manager Samuel Ayala explains. “The interior is refined, with the seats redesigned to make them more comfortable. The double stitching adds a touch of luxury, as does the genuine matte-wood trim along the dash.”

Chapman Hyundai will be taking pre-orders on the vehicle, which is due to hit the dealership en masse by June. Poised to take on rivals BMW, Mercedes and Acura in the mid-sized luxury sedan segment, the 2015 Genesis is built on a new rear-wheel drive platform that gives more room to the rear seats. It comes with a base 311-hp 3.8L V6 engine, or an upgraded 420hp, 5.0L V8. New, however, is the ability to alter the suspension to suite your driving mood and abilities. In Sport mode, the car becomes more responsive and aggressive – perfect for burning that BMW 5-series or Mercedes-Benz E-Class off the line. What impresses Ayala the most, however, is the safety technology that puts the Genesis ahead of most other vehicles in its class.

“The new Automatic Emergency Braking System is an amazing piece of technology that uses cameras and radar sensors that alert the driver to upcoming dangers, and if a crash is about to happen, deploys the brake system automatically. It truly is a remarkable safety feature.”

Other safety tech includes Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Smart Cruise Control and a Heads-Up Display. Combine those features with nine airbags throughout the cabin area and you’ve got a ride that protects occupants from multiple angles. And the tech doesn’t stop there: Even the trunk comes with Auto Open. If your arms are full, just stand behind the vehicle for three seconds and the trunk automatically opens for you. It’s like having a valet without having to pay him or her to do your bidding.

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