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2015 Hyundai Genesis To Come with Google Glass


The 2015 Hyundai Genesis was making news long before the details were announced. A luxury sedan meant to compete with Mercedes and BMW for under $40,000 had everyone talking. But at the North American International Auto Show, Hyundai confirmed that the car will also include Google Glass Blue Link and the Genesis Intelligent Assistant. You’ll be able to buy it at Chapman Hyundai in spring 2015.

Google Glass is the latest development from tech-giant, Google. It’s wearable technology that allows users to command their technology without using their hands. Google glass integrates what you see with what you share – you can say “Take a video” and Google glass will record. Say, “Share it to YouTube” and Google Glass will do just that. It’s easy and the possibilities are vast.

Google Glass is being integrated into the Hyundai Genesis by applying the technology that displays information on Google Glass to the windshield of the vehicle. Drivers won’t need to wear Google Glass, rather, the same capabilities will be displayed on their car’s windshield.

Blue Link will be available in the car, on a mobile app or on the My Hyundai website and will allow drivers to get directions easily, remotely start and stop the vehicle, and set climate controls remotely. The app will also be able to automatically send alerts to a set of contacts you choose if the vehicle is involved in an accident. The Intelligent Assistant will even be able to pull real-time traffic data and tell you when to leave in order to make an appointment on time based on current traffic.

Drivers will be able to use Apple’s “Siri” in eyes-free mode to control their iPhones, have messages read, make calls, play music from Pandora and Siris XM, and more without ever taking their eyes off the road. A heads-up display will project speed and other relevant driving information  onto the windshield so drivers can remain focused straight ahead.

To make road trips even better, the Genesis will allow drivers to add points of interest to their navigation and find the nearest gas station or great restaurant – all without using their hands or taking their eyes off the road!

We’re excited to offer this to you in 2015 at your favorite Phoenix Hyundai dealer!

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