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Blue Link Smartwatch App Puts Genesis on Another Level

Destination Search powered by Google ? users will be able to take advantage of Google?s powerful destination search via the Blue Link button (voice recognition) and  navigation display, or through and the Blue Link mobile app to send a destination to their car

Got a SmartWatch? This App Controls Your Genesis

Hyundai is on the cutting edge of automobile technology in many areas, but none more so than the Blue Link Smartwatch App. Simply go to the iTunes or Google App store and download the appropriate version to have complete control with either voice or touch of your Hyundai Genesis. You can lock and unlock the doors, start or stop the engine, flash the lights, find your car in a crowded parking lot or simply honk the horn in the case of an emergency. Your watch is also linked to roadside assistance or customer care. See a demonstration of the app at your Phoenix Hyundai dealer, Chapman Hyundai.

Genesis Technology Provides Comfort and Convenience

The Hyundai Genesis is much more than a premium sports sedan, it is a hive of innovation where new ideas become a reality to provide an outstanding driving experience. Features like a hands-free smart trunk opens when you stand in front of it for more than three seconds, saving you from trying to juggle a load while fumbling for your keys. A carbon dioxide sensor measures the amount of CO2 in the cabin, activating the ventilation system when levels get too high. Many vehicles have tire pressure indicators, but the Genesis is one of the few that tells you the pressure of each individual tire.

High-Definition Touchscreen Displays Vivid Navigation

Add the optional navigation high-definition touchscreen and you get a powerful computer powered by an Intel chip that delivers vibrant resolution of your route and the surrounding area. This feature, normally reserved for much more expensive luxury vehicles, provides instant response to your inputs without any lag time. The system also has an information screen that controls your audio and hands-free communication with a simple touch, leaving you free to concentrate on the road ahead.

Intelligent Assistant Helps You Prepare for Daily Drive

The Genesis Intelligent Assistant App works with any brand smartphone to integrate data from the vehicle, Blue Link, the Internet and your smartphone to simplify your daily driving experience. You’ll get notifications and reminders of scheduled events to keep you on track. The Intelligent Assistant App can also estimate departure times, show gas station locations and relay vehicle health status. “Customers told us they want Blue Link to work like their smartphone and we’ve worked with Google, Covisint and Station Digital Media to deliver this level of functionality,” according to Barry Ratzlaff, Hyundai customer service director. Check out the Phoenix Hyundai inventory at Chapman Hyundai and see how the new Genesis technology can improve your daily commute.

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