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Despite North Korea unrest, Chapman Hyundai can provide the parts and services you need

As tension rises on the Korean peninsula, some are asking how the unrest might affect Hyundai owners in the United States. There is no need to worry: at Chapman Hyundai we have plenty of parts on hand to service your vehicle. In fact, over half of Hyundai’s top selling vehicles in the U.S. are built in factories in Montgomery, Ala. Hyundai also has engineering facilities in Michigan and research labs in California and created an estimated 93,000 jobs in the U.S. in 2011 alone. We can provide any service your car needs right here in Arizona.

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To ensure your vehicle is in great shape and to extend the life of your vehicle, make sure to have your car regularly serviced. Follow the suggestions in your vehicle’s service schedule and check your cars oil, radiator fluid, transmission fluid, and tire pressure regularly, about every other week. If anything looks out of place schedule a visit to Hyundai Service Center. They can provide you with any service or check-up your car needs to help your Hyundai stay in prime condition.

Keep at ear out for any odd noises, such as clicking or squeaking. A strange clicking noise can mean you have a nail stuck in a tire. If it is time for new brakes, you could hear a loud squealing sound when you step on your brakes. If you can’t locate the noise, bring it to Hyundai Service Center right away.  To extend the life of your breaks, drive calmly. Stepping on the accelerator or stopping quickly can wear out your breaks sooner.

Don’t feel discouraged if parts start to break, even the best cars wear out. It’s easy to replace broken or worn out parts through Hyundai Parts. Taking care of your vehicle early on can help you avoid costly repairs later.

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