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Equus Continues to Rule Hyundai Line

2016 EQUUS

For a company that has worked very hard to establish its name for providing safe, quality vehicles that are not only dependable but popular, Hyundai sets itself apart with its luxury four-door sedan, the Equus. From the 429-horsepower engine to the cushioned ride and luxury interior features, the Equus can stand toe-to-toe with any vehicle wearing a more historic name badge. How do you spot the smartest person in the VIP line at the restaurant valet service? She’s the one who paid 40 percent less for a vehicle with all the quality creature comforts and services of more common super sedan choices. She’s the one who bought the Equus.

Two Trim Levels to Choose From

Starting at $61,500, the Hyundai Equus Signature provides everything you need to feel good about your driving choices. An electronic air suspension system makes you feel like you’re driving down the road on a cloud, whisking away pot holes and bumps like you’d wash the dirt from a baby’s face. Nine airbags, a heated and leather-wrapped steering wheel and dual power seats let you know this is not just some family car with a few stick-on doo dads. The Ultimate trim level has all the same features as the Signature model, plus a few more fun extras. Most of the difference comes in the rear seat entertainment package, which includes dual screens and controls for riders to watch TV, movies or play games.

Decent Fuel Mileage for Such a Large Car

For all the interior room and superior ride you get with this expansive luxury car, 15 miles per gallon in the city and 23 out on the highway is a pretty reasonable expectation. Add a huge trunk, climate control, superior concert sound with 17-speakers and plenty of charging ports and the Equus provides a very nice vehicle for a long commute, family vacation, or just tooling around town with the moonroof open.

Easy to Park and Maneuver in Urban Locations

With electro-hydraulic steering doing much of the work, the Equus is surprisingly easy to handle in tight traffic situations. Visit Chapman Hyundai for a test drive and see just how comfortable it is to drive a well-engineered car through city traffic. The Hyundai Equus also provides concierge services, making service and dealership appointments events that are done at your place on your schedule. All regular maintenance is completely free for the first 36,000 miles.

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