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“Uh, mmm, my car is making a chinka-chinka-clunk noise. I think there is something loose in the engine. Do you think it’s broken?”

“Yah, I put duct tape around the muffler to keep it from dragging on the ground. I lost the bolts to it. Can you fix that?”

“I blew my head gasket. That will take, uh, around an hour to fix, won’t it?”

These are just some of the questions Chapman Hyundai Service Writer Jaime Heyns fields when customers bring their car in for service. She and fellow Service Writers Justin Lenocker and Larry Orris use patience, kindness and a dose of common sense when it comes to helping vehicle owners when they drop off their car.

“I try to treat everyone like I want myself and my family treated at a dealership,” Heyns said. As one of the more popular Service team members in the Chapman family, she has been with the company for seven years, working her way up to her current position. “I really enjoy my work and my interactions with my established customers.  I have enjoyed getting to know (them) and their families. The Chapman company has treated me well as part of their team.”

Heyns says Phoenix Hyundai customers who visit the dealership will have their questions answered about their vehicle, even if it takes more time than usual to do so. It may also mean bringing the Service Technician into the conversation to explain repairs, installed parts, etc. Heyns says taking the time to explain repairs helps customers prioritize what really needs to be done – crucial for customers who are on a tight budget.

Off-duty, Heyns enjoys baking pies and decorating cakes. Her ultimate joy, however, is playing with her nearly year-old daughter and watching her grow and change. Spending time with her husband and daughter also gives Heyns a chance to practice one of the most important customer service skills one can have – being a good listener.

“You definitely need to be a good listener, but also honest and sincere,” she says. “Being able to admit when you are unsure of the answer but willing to find out for the customer is important as well. Being knowlegable about the product and treating people the way you would want to be treated are critical when dealing with customers. And I always greet customers with a smile. I think that makes a difference.”

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