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Hyundai Brings Hope to Childhood Cancer

Hyundai Hope On Wheels®, Hyundai Motor America’s non-profit organization has been battling childhood cancer for 17 years and will give $10.5 million to hospitals across the U.S for research grants during September, which is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Hope On Wheels’ campaign theme Every Handprint Tells a Story pays tribute to the brave children and families across America who are battling this horrible disease. Over $100 million has been awarded by Hyundai Hope On Wheels since 1998 to fund research into childhood cancer.

The 2015 campaign for Hyundai Hope on Wheels – Every Handprint Tells a Story is told via its refreshed web portal and the new microsite of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In essence every handprint is unique and with it are stories, desires, dreams and hopes of children affected by cancer, be it from finishing a round of chemotherapy, celebrating a new full head of hair or simply playing their favorite sport.

In the portal and social media channels, visitors will see a number of videos highlighting childhood cancer patients and their families with stories of hope and bravery. The website will also showcase the 2015 grant winners and their research project overviews. There will also be an interactive section, where visitors can help the fight by changing their avatar on social media, share stories of courage and hope on social media or by donating money to fund research. One family will be selected weekly to share their story on the Hope On Wheels website as well as social channels. A new public service announcement (PSA) will be launched by Hope On Wheels asking the public to join them by encouraging them to #EndChildhoodCancer. Children, parents, doctors and supporters bring the video to life by sharing their story of their battle with kid’s cancer. Visit Hope On Wheels to see the PSA and you can share it on social media. To join the fight against childhood cancer, go to the Hope On Wheels website and click ‘Add My Handprint’. One million decals have been mailed to current Hyundai owners and dealerships including Chapman Hyundai. To show your support during September, you can pick up your decal at dealerships like Hyundai in Phoenix.

The September campaign for Hope On Wheels also included “DC Days” which is a number of initiatives that create awareness of childhood cancer to honor the brave kids, families and medical researchers who are fighting kids cancer on the front line. A joint press conference will be held by the organization and the Congressional Childhood Cancer Caucus, which is co-chaired by U.S. Representatives.

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