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Hyundai Challenges Conventional Thinking


‘Make Everything Better’ is the Overriding Goal

How did Hyundai go from a small car company just trying to find its place in the American marketplace to producing some of the world’s most desirable vehicles? Everyone from the CEO through the engineers and the assemblers was motivated to think outside the conventional box. By constantly wondering “How can we make things better?”, Hyundai realized that there is no finish line when it comes to designing and building quality safe, reliable and fun-to-drive vehicles. By constantly looking for better materials, ways to increase efficiency and stay in touch with the desires of consumers, Hyundai is poised to claim a larger market share in the years to come. Head to Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road to inspect the entire Hyundai inventory and see if there’s a vehicle that fits your dreams.

All Technology Geared to Customer Experience

Realizing that cars are nothing without buyers, Hyundai’s technological innovations are all geared toward providing a better experience for the driver and passengers. Although gas prices have been low for awhile, it’s impossible to predict how long that will last. That’s why Hyundai puts fuel efficiency on the same priority level as performance when designing vehicles. Gasoline Direct Injection is one technology that increases efficiency while reducing harmful emissions. A dual clutch transmission, usually only found in much more expensive cars, reduces the energy loss from the engine to the wheels, increasing performance and efficiency. While all that’s important, most consumers notice the interior technology, specifically Hyundai’s infotainment system that utilizes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to make the most out of your smartphone apps. Hyundai Blue Link is a telemetry app that allows you to control certain functions of your car remotely.

Best Way to Deal With Accidents is to Avoid Them

Being better at everything includes safety. Hyundai knows the road can be a dangerous place for a variety of reasons, so they have developed safeguards to help you and your passengers avoid collisions, or minimize injuries should a crash occur. New driver assistance technology such as automatic emergency braking senses when doom is about to happen and applies the brakes if you fail to react. Lane departure warning issues an audible warning if you start to drift and electronic stability control helps avoid skidding out of control when road conditions become dicey. All these advanced features are available across the entire Hyundai inventory. See how Hyundai is building a better brand of car by stopping in at Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road for a test drive.

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