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Hyundai Highlights New Designs and Technology at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show


One of the most exciting times of the year for Chapman Hyundai is getting to hear the new vehicle highlights on designs and technology. The first few months of the year are huge for car shows to highlight all the changes and upgrades on new vehicles. This year is no different!

Recently, Hyundai shared its latest technology advancements and upgrades to designs at the Chicago Auto Show. Hyundai is doing an impressive job at keeping up with all the advancements in technology, which is sure to impress their drivers. With the new Blue Link Smartwatch app, Hyundai drivers have the ability to utilize remote start and service information features that can be accessed through devices such as smartphones or smartwatches.

Santa Cruz Concept

They even introduced the new HCD-15 Santa Cruz Concept! The innovative Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept provides an entirely new outlook for a truck, which is sure to impress the newer generations of car buyers. This concept is perfect for those whose needs range from expandable utility during an active week. It provides a great transition from work-life professionalism to social interests. It is also a great option for those seeking a variety of outdoor pursuits.

Tucson Fuel Cell

They also unveiled the impressive Tucson Fuel Cell which provides zero-emissions! It has been available in Southern California since June 2014, where the first retail customer order took place. All eligible customers have the option to lease the Tucson Fuel Cell for only $499 per month! What’s even better is the fact that it includes unlimited free hydrogen refueling. As the first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle, its technology replaces the battery pack feature used in other electric vehicles. Instead, electricity is created from hydrogen by an electrochemical process that uses no moving parts within the fuel stack. What’s the point you may ask? Well, impressively- it gets rid of the limitations that a traditional electric vehicle may have.

Sema Vehicles

They also showed off various SEMA tuner vehicles that will be making their debut later this year. These vehicles are the result of a collaboration between talented artists in the automotive aftermarket world. Hyundai brought out a Blood Type Racing’s Genesis Coupe and the Toca Signature Edition Genesis. Both were built and designed by Chicagoland tuners.

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