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Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell Offers 300-mile Range

tucsonLease Includes Free Hydrogen Fuel

With a traveling range in the neighborhood of 300 miles and free hydrogen fuel included in the lease, the hydrogen-powered Hyundai Tucson is making a splash in southern California. The vehicle’s limited release is due to a lack of hydrogen stations across the country. For now, California drivers are lapping up the small SUV’s carrying ability and virtually free cost of fuel. It only takes 10 minutes to fully recharge the fuel cell, providing promise for low-cost alternative energy in the future. You can learn more about the Tucson as well as view an entire line of fuel-efficient vehicles at Chapman Hyundai.

Vehicle has Legacy of Success in Europe

Branded as the ix35 in Europe, the hydrogen-powered Tucson has been operating successfully across the Atlantic since 2010. The ix35 was redesigned in 2013, offering additional power and a six-speed automatic transmission to go along with adjustable suspension to enhance the driving experience. The fuel cell generates electricity from hydrogen electromechanically, negating the need for a battery pack. This powers the vehicle without the need for an electrical charge, extending driving range and limiting downtime.

Wards Names Tucson Engine to 10 Best List

WardsAuto World, a prestigious source of automotive news, recently named the Tucson hydrogen-powered motor to its list of 10 Best Engines. Hyundai’s engine was the first hydrogen motor to receive the distinction, signaling a continuing shift toward vehicles that leave a smaller carbon footprint. Hydrogen power provides the flexibility of traditional gas engines without the harmful emissions. The only byproduct of producing energy in the Tucson is water. Stay in touch with your Phoenix Hyundai dealer to find out when the Tucson will be coming to your neighborhood.

Hydrogen Cells Subject to Extensive Safety Testing

Like gasoline, hydrogen is a flammable fuel and subject to safety regulations. All Hyundai Tucson systems have undergone rigorous testing at both the normal use level as well as through simulated crashes. From the vehicle level down through the individual components, the Tucson passes all safety tests with flying colors. Impact sensors automatically stop the flow of hydrogen in the case of an accident. Hydrogen has been used safely for decades in the United States for industries such as welding and as a food additive. The lightness of hydrogen means that in the event it is accidentally released, it will dissipate quickly into the atmosphere. Visit Chapman Hyundai for more information on the hydrogen-powered Tucson.

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