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Memorial Day Gas Prices Lowest in Five Years


According to the American Automobile Association, last winter’s low fuel prices have risen slowly, contributing to the lowest average fuel price in the nation over the last five Memorial Day weekends. After tallying up the savings following last weekend’s gas reports, the average cost of fuel in Arizona was $2.78 on Memorial Day, slightly higher than the average national cost of $2.73. The average Arizona price was $3.51 in Arizona on Memorial Day 2014, $3.44 in 2013, $3.76 in 2012 and $3.69 in 2011. Despite the lower prices on this particular holiday, recent rising trends make it wise to consider a fuel-efficient vehicle with your next car purchase. Stop by Chapman Hyundai and look at the wide selection of cars and SUVs that get more than 30 mpg on the highway.

Cheapest in Five Years, Highest This Year

As the introduction to the summer travel season, Memorial Day typically has the highest fuel prices of the year to date and this year was no exception. Because of an increase in demand caused by vacations combined with the introduction of more expensive summer fuel blends, analysts expect prices to stay where they are for most of the summer, dropping just after Labor Day. There is still an abundance of crude oil in the market, which will keep summer prices lower than last year.

 Fuel Economy Guide Lists Bests Choices

Head over to the U.S. Government’s Fuel Economy website to either research a particular car or download a guide that lists the fuel mileage for all vehicles in a specific year. Fuel estimates determined by the Environmental Protection Agency help consumers compare gas mileage between particular vehicles. Estimates are given for city driving in urban areas, highway driving out on the open freeway or rural roads, and a combined estimate that utilizes 55 percent freeway driving and 45 percent highway driving. The EPA bases its annual fuel cost estimates on the combined driving number, and adjusts the cost per gallon each year.

Your Fuel Economy Will Vary

That disclaimer is printed on the window sticker of every vehicle because driving habits, vehicle maintenance and driving conditions play a huge part in your actual mileage. Overly aggressive driving and long periods of idling will lower your mileage, as will severe weather, wind, underinflated tires and carrying a heavy load. Although cars with smaller engines generally get higher gas mileage, that may not be the case if you are exceeding the maximum load limit in hilly or mountainous terrain. Stop by Chapman Hyundai and take a good long look at the window sticker to see how much information is actually provided.

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