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New Alert System to Help Prevent Child Tragedies

The tragedy of leaving a child in a locked car only to succumb from heatstroke is something a family can never overcome. Hyundai is doing something to help make sure that never happens in one of its vehicles with the introduction of the rear occupant alert system. The system utilizes an ultrasonic sensor to detect movement in the rear seat. It then reminds the driver that someone is in the rear with a dash indicator. If the child is still in the vehicle when the driver exits, the system takes greater measures to honk the horn, turn the lights on and off and send a message to the driver’s smartphone using the Hyundai Blue Link telemetry system. All the Hyundai vehicles on the lot at Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road will have this technology starting with the 2019 model year.

Child Heatstroke a National Tragedy

So far in 2017, 38 children in the Unites States have died from heatstroke as the result of being locked in a vehicle. Since 1994, more than 800 children have met a similar fate. It only takes minutes, especially in the Arizona desert, before the inside of a vehicle can become too hot to sustain life, particularly a child’s life. “The rear occupant alert is just another example of how we do things better at Hyundai,” according to Hyundai digital planning executive Mike O’Brien. “This system is a first step in preventing tragedies. We understand only a brief lapse in judgment and inattention can have terrible consequences.”

Hyundai Blue Link has many Uses

The warning from the rear occupant alert system is just one of the uses of the Hyundai Blue Link system. When paired with your smart phone, you can remotely do things such as start your car, get a vehicle diagnosis, lock and unlock your doors and find your vehicle in a crowded parking lot. With the My Hyundai with Blue Link App, your daily transportation life will become much easier. “Bundling all these great services into one app simplifies and enhances the ownership experience for our customers,” said Hyundai digital director Barry Ratzlaff. “The ‘there is an app for that’ movement has caused a lot of clutter on cellphones and we hope our approach keeps that clutter down to a minimum. Hyundai also recently announced that the Amazon Alexa will also be available on some vehicles through the Blue Link service. It’s just another example of cutting edge technology that keeps Hyundai on the forefront of the modern mobility movement. Check out all the great technology when you take a test drive at Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road.

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