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Power Your New Hyundai with the Apple Watch


Do you believe operating a vehicle with a watch is something you only see on those futuristic shows? Well not so anymore! The owners of Hyundai vehicles can now flash their car lights remotely in a packed parking garage, lock or unlock the doors and even turn on the ignition from virtually anywhere using an Apple Watch with the new BlueLink application. Being a leader in automobiles that are connected, Hyundai is always searching for the best ways to connect drivers with their automobiles. The most up to date BlueLink App also includes the companion app for the Apple Watch. You can now download it for free from the App Store.

Frank Ferrara, the Executive VP of customer satisfaction at Hyundai Motor America, stated that providing customers with apps like BlueLink that connects to their additional high-tech features is important. The newer Sonatas have iPhone integration, blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control and a smart trunk which opens automatically if you stand behind the vehicle.

The cloud-based BlueLink system in Hyundai automobiles uses smart phones and smartwatches to activate features like service data and remote starting. To use the new app, the driver just taps an icon on the Apple Watch or uses voice commands to activate the functions remotely. The microphone icon on the Apple Watch turns on the voice feature and the driver can say commands like “Find my car”, “Lock my car” or “Start my car”.

The Apple Watch BlueLink app is compatible with the first and next generation Hyundai vehicles equipped with BlueLink.

The BlueLink first generation system came out on the 2012 Sonata and by 2013 had expanded to other Hyundai models. The 2015 Azera, Sonata and Genesis will have the next generation of Blue Link apps.

The Apple Watch app will offer BlueLink users (this includes the first generation owners) even more options when they are interacting with Hyundai automobiles.

The following Apple Watch BlueLink application features will now be included (even voice activated):

– Start the Engine Remotely
– Stop the Engine Remotely (Only if the car is already in remote engine start mode)
– Lock / Unlock Door Remotely
– Flash Lights / Honk Horn Remotely
– Vehicle Status
– Find Vehicle
– Parking Meter

Check out the latest Hyundai models at Chapman Hyundai. Visit your Phoenix Hyundai dealership for more information about the Apple Watch BlueLink app that will power your Hyundai vehicle.

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