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Test drive tips: Get the most out of the test drive

Any buyer should know that a test drive is not only useful but crucial in finding the best value of a new Hyundai Phoenix area car. But few know specifically what to do or look for that will separate a good car from a mediocre car. The following test-driving tips will help you find a reliable car:

Have an open mind. Go into the test drive unprejudiced, just because one company is better than the competition in one area it may be worse in others. Leave your bias whether it is positive or negative at the door.

Set a benchmark. Early in the development process, automakers and their suppliers set benchmarks. For instance: “Surpass Car A in ride comfort and match Car B in steering feel.” Any car buyer should do the same.  By test driving a variety of vehicles, consumers are more likely to gain the kind of perspective that will help accurately evaluate ride and handling dynamics.

Perform a pre-test inspection. Open the hood, any overpowering odor or immediate signs of poor maintenance are an immediate red flag. Open the oil filler cap- there should be no dark, sludgy deposits. Check hoses and fan belts for cracking. Lie on the ground and look under the car for any obvious damage as well. When you start the car check the rearview mirrors for any smoking or other signs of trouble.

Take notes. The easiest way to stay organized when test driving multiple cars is by making a chart with major areas such as ride, noise, steering feel, tires, maintenance, interior wear, seat comfort, sound system, brakes, bodywork and anything else you find important and grade each area for each test drive.

Take your time. Don’t allow a seller to pressure you into a short test drive make sure the car is taken out long enough for you to get a feel of how you would normally drive the car.

Turn the radio off. Unless your specifically trying to test out the sound system make sure you turn off the radio while test driving. This way unusual noises can be heard, make sure to listen closely when changing speeds or switching to and from pavement types.

Keep it reasonable. Drive as you normally would just pay a lot more attention to what the cars doing. If it’s a sports car make sure to take it on the freeway for an aggressive driving experience.

Furthermore, always go to a reputable dealer, such as Hyundai dealers Phoenix, and feel free to ask as many questions as you want about the car your test driving.

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