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The all-new Hyundai Blue Link mobile app

Hyundai BlueLink App


If you recently purchased, or are planning to purchase a new Hyundai in Phoenix, you’ll find some exciting technology with integrated Blue Link. But in order to utilize the features, be sure to check out the Blue Link mobile app for smartphones. The mobile app for the Hyundai Blue Link telematics platform allows subscribers to remotely access various Blue Link features and services through compatible mobile devices. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the app has been significantly enhanced from the previous version and boasts a new user experience, faster navigation and innovative new features.

Blue Link Essentials subscribers can access a number of key vehicle functions remotely from the mobile application without the need to be in the proximity of the vehicle. Remote Door Lock or unlock allows for remote control and convenience from virtually anywhere. Remote Horn & Lights allows the subscriber to remotely activate the horn and lights. Remote Lights allows subscriber to remotely activate the vehicle lights only. Remote Vehicle Start, which has been expanded to include more Hyundai models, allows the subscriber to remotely start their vehicle if they are equipped with push-button start and automatic or dual-clutch transmissions. For added security, all remote access features require the vehicle PIN to be entered prior to the command being sent.

The all-new Blue Link mobile app also includes new useful Point of Interest features that will come in handy for Blue Link Guidance subscribers. Included is the ability to search points of interest using the Smartphone’s on-screen keyboard by entering the name, city, state and/or zip. Searches can be done using the Smartphone’s built-in location service or by manually specifying the location. Points of interest then can be saved to the phone for quick access. Subscribers also have the ability to send the POI directly to their Hyundai vehicle or by email to a friend through the application.

A variety of unique features have also been included in the Blue Link mobile app. Users can be a step ahead of Parking Enforcement via the built-in Parking Meter/Timer function. Car Finder allows Essentials subscribers to either search for their vehicle if they are within a 1-mile radius of their vehicle or save its location, useful when needing to recall a specific location of their vehicle.

As for safety, Hyundai takes it one step further. The mobile application includes speed dial buttons to contact Roadside Assistance and Blue Link. A Vehicle Diagnostics screen provides access to critical maintenance information and the ability to view their Monthly Vehicle Report. Essentials subscribers can easily schedule a service appointment with their preferred dealer without making a phone call. Blue Link alerts also can be toggled remotely from the application without visiting

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