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Thinking About Owning a Hybrid Next Year? Hyundai Sonata May Have the Right Model for You


Hyundai’s progressive engineers don’t think gas prices will remain this low for much longer and when gas prices begin to rise again, they will have two Sonatas ready to take advantage.

There are two new hybrids being released by Hyundai that have engines powered by gas and electricity proclaiming to be smooth and efficient. With innovative technology and state-of-the-art design upgrades, the auto maker wants to give drivers an uninterrupted ride that is highly fuel efficient. You only have to decide if you are going with a hybrid or plug-in.

Is there a difference between a hybrid and a PHEV? Although they both look very similar, with the exception of the plug in, they both have a 4-cylinder 2.0-liter engine, but there are some noticeable and some not so noticeable differences that drivers should be aware of.

To begin with, the lithium-polymer battery pack on the plug-in is a bit bigger and more robust. This is why the PHEV has jumped ahead of other plug-in vehicles. The new Hyundai has a 24 mile range, which is a bit better compared to the current similar models by Honda and Ford.

The hybrid won’t be using just electricity to travel for long distances, however it will still get very impressive fuel efficiency – the EPA estimated number comes in at 42 mpg combined, . But the PHEV produces an impressive 93 MPGe, but remember those fuel efficiency numbers only count for 24 miles, then it has to be plugged back in for 9 hours. With a 220/240-volt set up, the time drops to 3 hours.

Once those 24 miles are done, the PHEV’s mileage reduces to 40 mpg combined, which is a bit less when compared to the standard hybrid. If your daily commute is longer, you will have to take those fuel efficiency numbers into careful consideration.

There are a couple of minor differences between the two models. The PHEV has a net horsepower of 202 while the hybrid comes in at 193. The Hybrid comes with 16″ alloy wheels while the PHEV has 17″ wheels. Automatic headlight control comes standard on the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. The PHEV comes with a few more standard features compared to the hybrid, like heated seats, rear cross traffic warning system, blind spot detection as well as a dashboard that includes a navigation system with an 8″ touch screen and a 4.2″ info display.

Besides these minor details, drivers can expect two Sonatas with their usual value-based feeling of luxury. See our collection of the Hyundai Sonata at Chapman Hyundai.

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