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Voice Recognition Takes Huge Leap with Intelligent Personal Agent

Voice recognition software often lies somewhere between the most remarkable thing ever invented and the bane of human existence. If you’ve ever used a voice command to successfully change the music or connect with a friend, you know how easy it can be. Conversely, if you’ve tried to call a restaurant with a foreign-sounding name, the result can be both hilarious and frustrating. Hyundai is taking a big step toward refining voice recognition to the point needed for future transportation by rolling out the “Intelligent Personal Agent” as early as 2018. Co-developed with SoundHound, a Silicon Valley innovator, Intelligent Personal Agent will let drivers use voice commands for many different operations, including those required for self-driving cars. You will see the result of this innovation as early as next fall when the 2019 Hyundai models start arriving at Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road.

Control Everything With Sound of Your Voice

Along with the traditional uses of voice recognition, such as texting, phone calls and changing music, the new software promises to let you control important vehicle functions including temperature control, door locks and the sunroof. You can also gather various vehicle data and control electronic items at home. “Sophisticated voice recognition and AI integration are core to effectively providing drivers with the massive content and data that future connected vehicles have to offer,” according to Hyundai executive Paul Choo. “These elements play a key role in delivering connected car-generated information.

Multiple Command Ability Sets Agent Apart

Hyundai’s Intelligent Personal Agent will have a multi-command function that sets it apart from other voice recognition systems. This function will allow you to give a command such as “turn the temperature in the car to 70 degrees and turn on all the lights at home.” Recognizing two separate commands in a single sentence is a huge step ahead of what’s currently technologically viable. “We spent a decade developing Houndify, the most advanced voice AI platform, to enable partners the ability to create customized experiences for the projects,” said SoundHound CEO Keyvan Mohajer. “We are thrilled to work with Hyundai Motor to revolutionize the in-car experience.”

Debuts at CES in January

Hyundai will debut the Intelligent Personal Agent at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, utilizing a text cockpit that is activated by the voice command “Hi Hyundai.” Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles will be the first recipients of the new technology, followed by other models later in the year. Stay in touch with Chapman Hyundai on Bell Road for further developments on the future of voice recognition software and how it relates to your transportation needs.

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