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What to Expect from Hyundai at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show


Get ready! Hyundai is planning to sweep you off your feet as they move quickly toward extreme performance with its new concept car the N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo, which will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show next month. Hyundai is expanding its sporty “N sub-brand” with the hopes of winning supporters and haters alike by showing their potential (mostly in the digital world) when the checkered flag drops in September.

Hyundai wants to build more than just hype with this concept car, therefore their engineers have made it as functional as possible in an effort to highlight the widest possible selection of new technologies. Previously designed for Gran Turismo, as a Sony PlayStation video game specialty vehicle. For now it only exists in the digital world and the game is as close as anyone will get to drive it for now. Angela Hwang a Hyundai spokeswoman is tight-lipped regarding the details, saying that the vehicle is only a concept of what Hyundai is capable of producing and shouldn’t be confused as a production car anytime soon.

The unobtainable concept car won’t be Hyundai’s only focus in Frankfurt, they will also unveil the New Generation i20 WRC car to be used in the upcoming racing season. Previously unveiled in April this year, the i20 WRC is a very fast car, and fans are happy to finally have some specs.

Hyundai stated that engineers were diligently working on enhancing the ride of the car, it handling, design as well as performance in one go as a way to boost the company’s image, which is more commonly known for affordability, reliability and technology as opposed to aggression and power.

Hyundai jump started its motorsport pursuits by taking part in the World Rally Championship (WRC) in 2014. Car enthusiasts greeted their entry with a mixture of surprise, excitement, confusion, curiosity and with lots of interest. They weren’t blown out of the water, and they are full steam ahead on the asphalt too, hiring engineers from Lotus to help them fine tune the redesigned Genesis so it is up to American and European standards.

You might be asking what the “N” in Hyundai’s N-line stands for in its performance cars. Well it is for Namyang, where the company is based, just outside of Seoul and it also the location of its technical center. It is Hyundai’s equivalent to the AMGG, Type-R, TRD, M, Mopar and SVT of the performance world. If things go as planned, expect to see a new line of Hyundai high-performance cars at dealerships such as Chapman Hyundai toward the end of 2017.

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